Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bye bye Blogger for now! :)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Hihihihi, long post today cos I'm gonna include yesterday's post in too.
  • Surely a fail for POM.Went Bugis with Jw, Sy, Max, Ben & Leo, wasted some time while the guys went to Haji Lane.
  • Jw, Sy, Max, Ben & I went for a movie at Suntec. Indiana Jones, the repelling part is funny hahaha but we're like freezing in the cinema -.-
  • Sat outside Suntec while waiting for don't know what. Took cab home with Jw & Sy, went home for dinner.


Took cab to school with Sy, AdeH & Jw. Met Max, Ben & Zt & had lunch at ITAS canteen. Left for TM, met another Ben. Headed to Suntec, searched for the cup that Zt is looking for, oh my my that poor thing :/ She left & the rest of us went to watch Kungfu Panda at MS. Not that bad, but I doubt it's worth the $10 leh.

So I think that's ittttt. I'm damn tired, my head is feeling heavy & my voice sucks. I better go take a rest now, bye.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Didn't update yesterday cos I was way too tired + busy with studying with Econs -.- Yesterday's RA1 paper was supposed to be a super easy paper for me. But well done, when I got out of the classroom, Leo asked if I included the opening balance & I didn't. Wth, that explains my $(2900) balance lol! So he didn't include that too, seeeee. Moral of the story = don't be gey kiang. I thought the teacher wanna trick us sia walauuuuu :/
Woke up at 1am yesterday, studied Econs till 3+am. Woke up at 640am, cab to pick Jw, went TM to meet Ben. Ended up no one's eating there lol, so we took away food & cab to school. Ate, studied a bit & off to war. Zzz the invigilator is crazy, really crazy. Don't like her! But overall the paper was okay I guess? :D
After paper, went to Max's house with Jw, AdeH, Leo & Ben. Supposed to study, but ended up slacking, talking till 6pm plus before getting home. I haven't started studying anything on POM, well done. I think I'll sleep now till 1am & then wake up to study allllll the way!
Whoohoo yes I'm gonna do that bye!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Went to school at 12pm, too bus with Jw & AdeH today :D Met Th & had chicken chop!!! Damn long never eat, wheehehe it's so nice. According to Xh (which is me), it'll bring us luck, lol! I hope it really will la huh.
Then Boon came, we were supposed to study but somehow it failed lol. We walked to Cheers for don't know how many times & ate don't know how many kinds of junk food. Wasted a lot of time, ate a lot, slacked a lot till very last minute then I started mugging a bit.
Went into LT, looked at the paper :O MCQ anyhow bomb, societal marketing concept anyhow bomb, whoohooo. See how many marks I bombed off, hahaha. It'll be damn xia suay to fail 1st paper in poly k.
We shall seeeeeee. Okay time to read through some theory for RA1 & off to sleep. I feel like eating chicken chop again :/

Sunday, June 01, 2008

This looks distorted but I don't know why AdeH likes it, haa.
I just received a call from my mum telling me that dad complained about me not calling him for the past 1 week. Aye wtf? This kind of things also must complain, roar roar roar. Laugh please, laugh cos I myself find it f-ing dumb. Omg, this is making my mood become foul man, kns.
Okay, so tomorrow is MF paper & I think I can just fail it. I don't feel like studying but I have to. There are so muchhhh things to know but I don't feel like knowing. I wanna concentrate but I can't make myself do it. My throat is still painful & my headache is still there (slightly). Lol, definitely not stress, hopefully it's not that I fell sick ar.
On a lighter note, dad called me in the morning telling me to choose a phone cos there's this Starhub $100 voucher, but zzz, no nice phones currently. Always like that. Ah whatever, there's still time for new phones to be launched before the voucher expires. So studying will come first, buaiz.
Aye Jw! I did leh hahahaha. Just that not a lot only
Lol Adeline, I think that photo is quite nice you know. Compared to the
cookie monster one, don't force me to put up k. Especially the one with cap

Jw! I think you did leave comment la, just that I
never accept yet lol! So
you commented twice. Hehehe, don't like that say
leh I will shy one.
52013143344184, figure that out! Hahaha :D

Okay hi, I spent my day quite wisely but not very wisely, haha. First, met Max at the library & we were suppose to study while waiting for Leo to join us. But, he ended up chatting on MSN & don't know what, lol. Studied a bit, Leo came, bla bla bla.

Stayed for awhile more & we headed to Marine Parade hawker centre cos the both of them were hungry. & they got conned by the rice stall HAHAHA! $5 for a plate of mixed rice made Max grumble & grumble & gumbled non stop. Went to PP & they played at the arcade while waiting for Jes to pick up her call.

Took bus over to her house, played mahjong & omg first time in my life I win money. Leo said he's gonna tell Jim how li hai I am today LOL. What a great sense of accomplishment. But I think it's not the right time to do all those shit lor zzz. Cos next week is exam alreadyyyyyy :( That's what I meant by not very wisely, get it?

Had dinner/supper at Mac, it's now 24 hours wow!!!! Bla bla bla, took cab home. I'm so tired, having a headache & my throat is so painful. So I'm gonna sleep early, wake up early & chiong MF tomorrow. If not I really can go & long bia already.

Okay, bye bye bye.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

HIIIIII!! :D :D Wo hen high now.
MF lecture was spent doing nothing much? & then was POM tutorial, well done la. I was leading the way & I led them to the wrong level HAHAHA! K so we did the usual stuffs la then when lesson was about to end, Jw & I got stunned by someone's action. Like wtf? Lol & we burst out laughing damnnnnnnn hard. We laugh = Th & AdeH laugh (w/o really knowing what happened) = Boon laugh (cos he saw Th & AdeH laughing w/o knowing what happened). & yes, all of us started laughing like shit.
After school went TM with AdeH, Jw, Leo, Ben, Max & Sonia. Slacked at Starbucks & was suppose to study but.... :) Met Jes, Yj & Ek there, slacked till 330pm plus then headed to the cinema for our movie. Chronicles of Narnia! I think the lion is so handsome HAHA. I think the show was quite nice :D
Went back to Starbucks to study while Ek went for his CO. I finished 1 chapter of MF! Whooooohooooo, big achievement? Oh & I saw Ck. Waited for Ek till 10pm & all of us headed to Geylang for supper.
Time is passing so fast, I remember myself still squeezing with Sy & AdeH over at Chomp Chomp last week & now it's already another Friday. Mid term test next week, start studying peopleeeeee!!!! I need to need to need to to to to concentrateeeee.
Okay bye bye bye! :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hi alllllllll. It's Jw's birthday today!!! So clique had a simple lunch at Seoul Garden with Ben, Leo, Zt, Max & Jw's another friend after school. Walau, the number of eggs we ate was terrible lol. & I have to say, Boon is a good cook la. Cos he do more cooking than eating, hahaha. Welllll, hope he doesn't mind! :D Thanks Booooon!

Went Tmart with AdeH, Leo, Max & Ben after that, wow, miss that place haha. Sat at Macs & slacked for awhile, ate a bit, slacked again & left. Took 12 to PP with AdeH, walked around, bought Jw's present & walked around again. Accompanied AdeH to wait for a bus & I took a cab home.

Hello Jw, I hope you enjoyed yourself today k! Hehaho, leave a comment @ the comment link leh walau :( I never put tagboard then no one comment me sia lol. Pass you your lingerie set tomorrow, whoooootz! :D:D

As usual, photos on the right link, bye! :)